Shaun worked for Matrix Games Inc as head of acquisitions, game and simulation evaluation, with an active role in the production of several games and simulations. Shaun attended the Suffolk College in the UK and Adelaide College in Australia and has qualifications in business development and marketing, but for all that is a nice guy. Aka Sulla Titles Shaun has been involved in include: (Tin Soldiers – Alexander the Great, Battles In Normandy, Squad Assault, Starshatter, Korsun Pocket, Massive Assault, War In The Pacific, World At War). Also Running various strategy games sites including the Wargamer network for 2 years and Military Gamer Online.Co-founder and owner of the CSO Group of sites. Has been heavily involved in developing CC:RAF Regt, CC: CCM [CC Marines] , CC: AT [Anti Terrorist] and numerous re-release CC Titles. Has worked heavily with the USMC, RAF, PMTRASYS, ONR and many others developing serious game titles for military use. Has 2 wonderful boys and a beautiful stepdaughter. Have loved playing online, favourite games CC, Strategic Assault, Total War [All] Europa Universalis, among others. Now running TACKOM Ltd and working developing Art of Combat with an awesome team. [Yep that's you guys!] I've been playing wargames on the PC for 25 years and have made the rounds at table top wargaming in that time. Military simulation became a passion with early Microprose titles and flight simulators. 18 years of my professional career have revolved around wargame development, military simulation and the serious games movement. I've taken current military docetrine, small-unit (squad) tactics and firearm training to develop training scenarios for both government,commercial and private products. Now with Tackom, I have a chance to put my years of work towards creating a wargame franchise that spans real-time tactical, strategy and turn-based genres. When not working or PC gaming in the midnight hours, I can be found roaming our hobby farm in Ohio with my 2 kids, 2 cats and one giant German Shepherd. Been an artist all my life, started making comics when I was five and continued on from there.  Went into  graphics design and moved onto 3D graphics. I have worked for many of the larger game companies out there, and have held positions ranging from Character artist, lead character artist, Animator, to lead animator, have even been a lead artist and an art director. Overall, I love art, I do everything from 2d to 3d. On the side I am father of 4 children and I am happily married. I love the martial arts as well, receiving my black belt in Kempo when I was 12. I quickly learned that it was a great way to scream before someone kicked your A$$. So I continued to study from there in a variety of arts, including Kali, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitzu , Silat and Arnis. I have developed my own style which I call Tactical Flow. I have even had the opportunity to train with former Navy Seals.  I enjoy RTS and love to work on games. In whatever free time I have I love to draw and paint. For me there is never enough time to create all the art I have flowing in my head. I look forward to making this the greatest game ever.Paul is an experienced programmer with knowledge of most coding languages. He has already been involved in developing AI and is an experienced Unity programmer and User. Paul will be working on all aspects of the game from GUI integration, custom programming, AI and Game mechanics.. Keen on all programming and a keen gamer.Francisco got his start in game development like many others, by moddings games. Starting with Close Combat 2  he later moved onto other games and genres, building up his skills in design and scripting. More recently he worked on several titles with Matrix Games, mostly in QA with contributions to scenario and level design. In his spare time he enjoys participating in Game Jams, and repairing mechanical watches. Francisco aka Nembo

I am an artist with more then a  decade of experience  creating games and simulations. I have skills in many areas of digital development. My main focus has been creating environments and props. I recently branched out into web design and image manipulation. I have worked at every level of art side development from environment artist to Lead to Khan of my own studio. 




As an artist, I envision being a creative problem solver. My inquisitive nature surfaced as a young child when I would take things apart to figure out how they work. My grandfather did not appreciate this trait when he discovered his prized motorcycle partially disassembled. The obvious path for me seemed to be a future career in engineering, but I also developped an affection for art. Ultimately the combination of the two fields of interest lead me to pursue a degree in industrial design. I loved the idea of marrying form and function. During my studies I was introduced to the world of computer graphics and animation. I marveled at all the possibilities a career in digital content creation opened up. After learning the basics of 3D graphics, I decided to tackle a relatively new technology at the time, digital fur. After struggling with the software manual and mediocre results, I took a step back and looked at all the tools available. I then developped an approach that made fur manipulation much more controllable and predictable, thus creating the expected look. I wrote a technical manual on the process which aided a future team in thier efforts on an Emmy award winning animation. Throughout the years since I have used similar approaches. When I didn't fully understand the camera controls in a software package I bought a DSLR and learned how they worked in on a real camera. I am now an avid photographer and love exploring various methods and approaches. My favorites so far are focus stacking macro shots and my recent discovery of photgrammetry. As a member of the Tackom team I look forward to contributing my talents and unique perspectives to a great group of individuals and an exciting product.

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